Dr. Dr. Hagner-Holler

Expert office for: 
• Humidity in buildings
• Molds 
• Pollutants
• Drying
• External sealing
• Wood protection in construction

Our expert services for you!

Microbial infestation - molds and bacteria in interiors:

• cause analysis • sampling (air measurements, contact probes, etc.) • review • refurbishing design and monitoring

Other pollutants – solvents, plasticizers, etc.:

• measurement of indoor air pollutants • review • refurbishing plan and monitoring • advice on alternative refurbishing options

Fire damage:

• pollutant measurements to determine refurbishment scope • refurbishing design and monitoring

Technical construction drying:

• Review of efficient and professional construction • examination of need, usefulness, cost-effectiveness and feasibility • design and monitoring

Wood protection in construction:

• cause analysis and determination of harmful organisms (fungi and insect pests) • refurbishing design and monitoring

Moisture damage in inventory:

• damage analysis and sealing Planning • definition of damage to water pipes of manmade structure related moisture • refurbishing design and monitoring

Inspections prior to home purchase:

• accompaniment of the house purchase (humidity measurements, disclosure of potential problem areas)

Accompaniment of new construction:

• accompaniment of building projects regarding risks of microbial growth in the construction process

Biological advice on construction:

• advice on the selection of building materials during renovations or as part of a new building

From planning to documentation:

We create your renovation plan and, if you wish, accompany you from the beginning to the successful completion of the renovation. The technical conclusion is an independent renovation control with documentation.

Your expert team


Dr. Dr. Silke Hagner-Holler

Graduated biologist / agricultural scientist

Expert activity in the field of mold and indoor pollutants since 2004.

Further training in the areas:
Renovation of old buildings
Building energy advice (HWK)
Wood protection in construction

Full membership in VDB (Association of German Building Biologists)

Dipl. Geogr. Michael Holler

Expert activity in the field of drying technology, subsequent building sealing, moisture damage and mold since 2007.

Training in the areas:
Mold assessment and remediation
Subsequent building waterproofing

More than 10 years of practical experience in the field of drying technology, diagnosis and repair of moisture damage with our own company.

Examples of our projects